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Revenue Marketing Strategies for B2B Technology Companies


Are you targeting ICPs and personas effectively and
generating high quality leads? Are you confident that your
positioning and messaging is differentiating you?

Do you have pipeline coverage? Do you trust your pipeline?
Are your customer journeys meeting your targets? 


Do you have product/market fit, and understand the customer
challenge and needs that you are solving? Or are you pushing
technology, features, and product instead of engaging customers from their perspective, pain, and
desired business outcomes?


Do your sellers know how to prevent or advance stalled deals due to complex processes and ‘no decision’?


Revenue marketing is complex, cross-functional, with many moving pieces. When money is tight and competition fierce, you need experience and expertise to guide execution today to ensure sustainability,
while also laying the foundations for future scalability and long-term growth.



Grey Wolf Marketing is a full-service revenue marketing agency led by a pack of seasoned, highly experienced executives. Our focus is clear: to guide B2B technology companies through the challenges of today's harsh funding climate and highly competitive vendor landscape.


With our deep relationships with leading Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, combined with proven expertise in all aspects of Revenue Marketing strategy & tactics — the Pack has got your back!


Grey Wolf helps you right-size your go-to-market, lifecycle marketing engine and sales performance, developing strategy and driving execution so you can navigate dangerous economic times while ensuring positive cash flow.


Having a partner who understands risk mitigation can be crucial to successfully navigating the challenges in today's unpredictable economy. We've been delivering the results you need to survive and thrive in today's cutthroat business climate to multiple start-ups and established companies. 

Our Services

Leverage the experience and expertise of the Grey Wolf Marketing team across a wide range of strategic activities that impact revenue marketing

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We solve for pain, deliver true value for which targeted customers will pay, and devise robust strategies
to acquire and convert them


We create omnichannel campaign logic and structure to optimize the impact of messaging, assets, and programs to drive lead generation


We increase velocity with full-stack marketing and creative assets that drive decisions for B2B, ABM and PLG customer journeys


We engage customers with education, community, events and more to increase revenue growth and brand validation


We craft comprehensive marketing strategies to create a direct and measurable impact on your bottom line, optimizing tactics to attract, convert, and retain customers.


We collaborate with Sales to speak directly to ICP personas with domain-specific vocabulary, pain and assets to drive engagement


We help sellers and their sponsors navigate (often stalled) enterprise decision processes to secure executive approvals and funding over competing priorities


Partner Marketing

Our Partner-in-a-box approach enables you to target and onboard new partners quickly with an emphasis on fast time-to-market


We highlight your brand promise as a foundational aspect of  your product and customer experience to sharply differentiate you in market

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